Expectations Third Visit



I am glad that we had the opportunity to deliver your Report of Findings and Recommendations for care today. This is the first step towards the results – and better life – that we both want for you. Knowing what to correct and how to do it is essential.

You may also have received your first adjustment today, in which case, congratulations are in order! Welcome to the beginning of your health and healing journey. You’ll find that, if you stick to your appointments, the benefits of these adjustments will only compound and grow. Following the doctor’s recommendations is the absolute key to all successful cases.

If you came in for pain or another health crisis, of course your immediate goal is to get rid of it. And we’re behind you every step of the way. But our shared goal is to get you back to true health, which is really where we want you to be!

I encourage you to watch the video below for some final thoughts and strategies I would like to share with you.

If you follow our recommendations and the strategies that I outline in the video, you’ll be certain to reach your goals and get the great results that you are looking for!

We will see you soon and truly look forward to working with you!

Better Posture, Better Life!
Dr. Grant Bond
Clinic Director
The Back Dr

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