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Our chiropractic practice has been delivering safe, gentle and effective Chiropractic care to the Illawarra since 1994.

The Team

Dr Grant Bond


Hi there, I’m Dr Bond, the owner here at The Back Dr. I’m a chiropractor, business owner, father, weekend warrior bike rider and all round lover of life. If you’re experiencing back pain, feeling older than your age or if you looking for guidance on how to look good, feel great & function better, then you sound like someone I’d love to work with. I’ve been a Chiropractor now for 26 years…ouch, that went fast. I know this might sound like a cliche but I really just love helping people with cranky backs. It makes my heart smile (and after 26 years of practice I’m getting pretty good too).

Over the past 26 years I’ve worked with many famous athletes that you’d know, but mostly I just love working normal people (elite athletes are really high maintenance). And… I know what it’s like to have pain.

14 years ago I broke my neck surfing, lucky for me it didn’t damage the spinal cord so my body was able to heal. It was one of the most difficult and humbling experiences of my life.

You should also know that when it come to health care I’m a bit of a “greenie”. I think less is more, I’m not a fan of drugs or surgery and I think the best doctor in the world is actually the one inside of you. You should also know that I can’t say no to my wife’s amazing Portuguese cooking!

Dr Oz

Senior Chiropractor

Hello Everyone, I am Dr Oz.

I share a vision of doing my best to provide the best care possible to the community as I know what it is like to live with pain.

Being someone who didn’t know much about chiropractic in my younger life. I lived through a majority of my early years in pain from injuries.

It wasn’t until I found Chiropractic that I changed my career path from an engineer to where I am now doing what I love.  Now its my turn to give back to the community and provide a LIFE changing experience.

I enjoy Football (soccer) and recently trying to get into NFL. I love to read and spend my free days with friends, or resting, Ask me about it! I have a Turkish background so kebabs on the house!!

I joined The Back Dr because our purpose is to creating a healthier community… naturally.

Dr Ben

Dr Ben


Greetings everyone, I am Dr Ben.

As a Chiropractor my mission is to introduce as many people as possible to the benefits of Chiropractic care, and I am honoured to be able to accomplish this as a chiropractor at The Back Dr.

I first discovered the power of chiropractic when I was a teenager. I suffered from constant neck and back pain from rugby injuries, and after trying everything under the sun, I decided to try chiropractic. After a few visits with my local chiropractor, my chronic pain was resolved, much to my amazement. This experience inspired me enough to want to pursue chiropractic as a career and I’ve never looked back since. What I love about chiropractic, is that it sets in motion the bodies innate ability to heal itself, from the inside out.

I have a range of clinical interests including radiology, neurology, rehabilitation, nutrition, sporting, paediatric & pregnancy care. Furthermore, I am always keeping abreast with the latest in research and knowledge so I can continue to better serve you as a chiropractor.

When I am not practising, I enjoy cooking, fitness, reading, self-development and spending quality time with family and friends.

I look forward to meeting you and cannot wait to serve you on your chiropractic journey.

Dr Carina


Hey there! I’m Dr Carina!

Chiropractic is part of who I am. After having a miracle experience with natural medicine as a child, I went on to become a chiropractor so I could help heal and serve the community in a unique way.

I am passionate about pediatrics, women’s health and nutrition, and like to incorporate this into our practice. I love serving the local south coast community and it brings me great joy seeing the amazing results of our practice members.

Growing up, I began noticing that people would talk about pain, and how it would stop them from doing things and was astounded that they were doing nothing about it, or jumping to surgery and pain killers when I knew that there was so much they could do for themselves naturally! A drive to lead people to live healthy, fulfilling lives is what got me into this wonderful profession, and what motivates me each day.

Being born in India and having lived in multiple countries, I have been exposed to many cultures throughout my life, which has led me to explore yoga, meditation and dance which have shaped who I am. When I’m not in the practice, you can bet that I’m in a ballet class, walking on the beach or just laying under a tree enjoying nature!

Mr Angus

Dr Angus


Hi there!  Dr Angus here!

From my earliest memories I was in awe of the natural world: The complexity, the intelligence and balance of nature truly fascinated me.  Fast forward a few decades, and here I am, a fully trained Doctor of Chiropractic!
What I love about Chiropractic is the way it makes use of the bodies innate ability to restore order and rebuild normal function.  Often, we see people who have almost given up on restoring their health.  However, using my 26 years of experience to help people live their biggest, best, and most fulfilling lives is the most satisfying thing I can imagine!

One thing that most people don’t know about me is that I once adjusted 2,000 people in a week, whilst volunteering to take care of some of Panama’s most vulnerable residents.

Originally from England and having graduated from the prestigious Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, I ran a large family wellness practice in Nottinghamshire.  This taught me a real appreciation for the benefits of adjusting babies and kids. 

The saying goes,  As the Twig Is Bent – So Grows the Tree”.  And this approach still drives me in practice today. I just love seeing kids (and adults) being given the chance to develop normally and grow into the best version of themselves.

Naturally, in my free time I love doing outdoor activities with my young family:  We love going ‘bush’:  Hiking, fishing, camping, and beaching.



Remedial Massage Therapist

Chris graduated in 2012 with a Diploma in Remedial Massage. Chris utilises a strong hands on approach which incorporates exercises to promote corrective and preventative healthcare. He is a qualified healthcare practitioner who deals with disorders of the musculoskeletal system through manual treatment techniques.

Fi Roberts


Office Manager

Fi joined the team in early 2022. She moved from Thailand at the age of 9 and have since called The Illawarra her home. Fi always sees the best in everyone, she loves to help others in anyway that she can. Family, health and wellness are her biggest values in life. She loves spending quality time with family and friends and enjoying the great outdoors by walking her dogs along the beach in her spare time. You’ll see Fi around the practice always welcoming you with her warm smile.


Chiropractic Assistant

Zoe joined our team in 2019 and is passionate about helping others. She enjoys spending time with her family, being super active and healthy, and adventuring the outdoors. You will find Zoe at reception helping all clients with her warm loving tone and friendly personality promoting a happy healthy lifestyle.



Chiropractic Assistant

Lance joined our team in 2020 and moved from New Zealand to the Illawarra with his family back in 2003. He is a very active, easy-going person and has always loved reading, going to the gym, running and adventuring around finding new sights to see with friends. Exercise is something that Lance has been very passionate about and encourages everyone to get their body moving. You’ll catch Lance lending the chiropractors a hand by providing our clients with quality advice and care to achieve the best possible health outcomes.


Chiropractic Assistant

Zac joined our team in 2021 and loves helping people who are getting started with their health and fitness journeys. Having a background in Personal Training, he loves to see peoples personal growth and watching them progress. Zac Spends his free time training in the gym and spending time outdoors at the beach or with his dogs. You can find Zac at reception welcoming everyone with a smile and helping our clients achieving the best results from their care.

Dut Atem


Dut joined the team in 2022. Originally from South Sudan in Africa , Dut has been in Australia since 1997. He has always lived near the coast having lived n the central coast before making the move down to Illawarra in early 2022 with his wife and two dogs. When not at The Back Dr providing his warm and friendly service, you’ll likely find Dut walking his dogs, at the beach or playing a game of soccer.

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