Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

A common concern surrounding Chiropractic is whether it is safe for all mums and mums to be. This is easily answered once you first understand the purpose of Chiropractic care, and what Chiropractic focuses on. 

Is Chiropractic Safe For Pregnant Women?

The smartest doctor in the world is the one inside your body, your nervous system. Chiropractic is all about removing any interferences in your spine to allow your nervous system to run smoothly. We aim to assist your body’s innate ability to be self-regulating, and enable you to achieve high level wellness, carrying you through a seamless pregnancy.

To further ensure we’re creating a safe and healthy environment for soon-to-be mums to flourish, we use a range of specialised techniques to adjust pregnant women dependent on which trimester they’re in.

These techniques include manual adjustments which are done by hand, as well as the use of instruments to reduce the pressure being placed on your spine. We also have pregnancy pillows that allow mums to lay on their belly whilst being adjusted.

It is vital to us that you remain entirely comfortable for the duration of your treatment, prioritising keeping you and your baby safe.

Chiropractic Care Is Known To Reduce

Back Pain

Hip & Joint Pain


Length Of Labour & Delivery

Likelihood Of C-Section Delivery

What Are The Benefits While Pregnant?

Your body is truly remarkable and is getting ready to bring life into the world. Chiropractic care intends to make the chances you experience throughout your pregnancy as easy and pain free as possible.

During your pregnancy a hormone called ‘relaxin’ is released which loosens your ligaments and prepares your body for delivery. Sometimes this loosening can cause instability in your pelvis which can cause pain and discomfort throughout your lower back. Your posture is consistently adjusting appropriately to reinforce the structural integrity of your spine.

We work to improve and monitor your posture during pregnancy, allowing for further development of your pelvic balance and alignment. Removing any misalignments are also known to be highly beneficial to the movements of your baby whilst in utero. Another benefit of receiving chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy, is the increased chance of a natural, non-invasive birth. Misalignments in your pelvis can make it tough for your baby to be in the optimal position for delivery.

During your pregnancy, it is imperative that we keep your nervous system at its peak and ensure it can communicate effectively throughout your entire body. An aligned spine is the first step in a seamless pregnancy.

Is Chiropractic Safe For Kids?

The greatest neurological development happens in the first few years of life as children reach new milestones. When caring for newborns, a great deal of detail is undertaken during examination that includes an in depth understanding of their birth history to ensure the appropriate techniques are used.

As their muscles, bones and joints are still developing, we as Chiropractors modify our approach to suit your baby or child’s needs. When we adjust children, our techniques are extremely gentle. There is no “cracking”.

Optimal movement, sleep, tension, and brain function are key aspects to healthy children and Chiropractors work with all elements so that your child can function at their highest level, naturally.

Chiropractic For Kids Is Known To Improve

Posture and Confidence

School bags, screen time and growing pains are often topics of concern and are very linked to posture. Good posture may improve confidence in your child and they will be taught healthy habits that they can use in their everyday life.


We work to remove the misalignments and eliminate nerve interference, so your kids receive the recommended amount of sleep.


Chiropractic focuses on health from the inside-out. We help build a great foundation for regular exercise, high energy levels and a healthy lifestyle for kids.

Brain Development

When we release the pressure build up on the spine, bones and joints we are able to improve neural brain development. Chiropractors work closely with milestones and neural development such as balance, independent sitting and motor control.

The treatment of childhood issues

From newborns to toddlers, symptoms such as a dislike of car seats, or during tummy time may stem from musculoskeletal issues. Certain postural signs such as tilting of the head or preferring certain positions are indicators that our chiropractors will examine.
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