Neck pain

 In Common Problem

Neck pain can appear in various ways such as loss of normal head rotation, muscular tension and referring shoulder or arm pain. It is also common for people who have neck pain to experience headaches. Neck pain can effect your ability to work, sleep and exercise so usually people are looking for effective relief so that they can be their best again.
Neck pain

Chiropractic care is a drug free way in helping people with neck pain. We use various and gentle techniques to help improve or restore normal function of your neck and reducing or eliminating your neck pain.
Your neck has 7 vertebra and discs of cartilage, bound by ligaments. Our experienced chiropractor approaches neck pain by firstly finding the cause with a thorough consultation and examination. We will answer all of your questions. From there, we will develop a care plan commonly combining spinal adjustments, stretches and exercises that are appropriate to the needs of your condition.

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